Medical Device Contract Manufacturing Extrusion Capabilities

Precision Medical Extrusion of Thermoplastics and Silicone

Precision Extrusion Expertise, From Concept to Commercialization

Lubrizol Life Science Health (LLS Health) draws upon extensive engineering experience to deliver your medical extrusion according to your exact specifications. Our precision extrusion solutions include custom extrusion of thermoplastics and silicone produced in controlled environments, meeting your needs for a wide array of medical applications.

Our team will collaborate with yours throughout the medical device product development process from assistance in specifying material and design for manufacturability to validation and product ramp. Our extrusion tooling is designed in-house, and with the ability to fabricate most of our tooling in-house, we can provide rapid prototyping and shorter lead times. Our process and regulatory expertise, strong supplier relationships and state-of-the-art equipment availability keep lead times short and help ensure the success of your medical device.

Tailor-Made Thermoplastic and Silicone Medical Extrusion Solutions

LLS Health is a leading precision extrusion supplier, and we achieved that reputation in part through close collaborations with our clients. We have delivered extrusions used in a range of advanced medical procedures — for both single-use and long-term implantable applications — including coronary, peripheral, neurovascular, CRM, neurostimulation and other applications. We can handle challenging levels of product complexity in virtually any type of thermoplastic, all while optimizing production for cost effectiveness.

LLS Health delivers tight-tolerance silicone medical extrusions, specializing in multilumen profiles and complex geometries for your tubing needs. We have delivered extrusions used in a range of advanced medical procedures — for both single-use and long-term implantable applications including — include CRM, neurostimulation, cuffs, vascular loops, cooling clips, compression bars, standoffs, catheter mainshafts, drainage tubes, feeding tubes and more.

Check Out LLS Health’s Full List of Thermoplastic and Silicone Extrusion Capabilities and Applications 

Capabilities Applications Thermoplastics Silicone
Lead Tubing CRM and Neurostimulation  X  X
Balloon Tubing Coronary, peripheral, neurovascular, and more X  X
Custom Extrusion Coronary, peripheral, neurovascular, dialysis, endoscopy and more  X  X
PEEK Extrusion Cardiovascular, peripheral, neurovascular, laparoscopic, orthopedic applications  X   
Braided Tubing Cardiovascular, neurovascular, diagnostic, endoscopy, gastrointestinal, neurology, urology, coronary  X  X
Striping & Multilayer Coextrusion PTCA, stenting, guiding catheters, dialysis and more  X  X
Multi-Lumen Tubing Vascular, endosurgery, coronary, peripheral, urology, ob/gyn and more  X  X
Heat Shrink Tubing All medical devices  X  
Rapid Extrusion All medical devices  X  
Bump Extrusion Manufacturing aid for catheter assembly  X  X