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Medical Polymers

Lubrizol is a leader in functional polymers for the medical industry. Lubrizol’s products feature biocompatability and biostability, high tensile strength and elongation, excellent processing attributes, and customization for a variety of applications.

LLS Health Medical Polymers Comparison Table

Carbothane™ TPU Tecoflex™ TPU Tecophilic™ TPU Isoplast® ETPU Pellethane® TPU Tecoplast™ TPU Tecothane™ TPU
Aromatic or Aliphatic Aliphatic
Aliphatic Aliphatic Aromatic Aromatic Aromatic Aromatic
Base Polycarbonate-based Polyether-based Polyether-based Transparent, Impact-Modified or Glass-Reinforced Polyether & Polyester-based Polyether-based Polyether & Polyester-based
Durometer Range 70A - 71D 72A - 83D 70A - 60D 85D - 125R 81A - 76D 82D - 84D 75A - 84D
(available with)
Barium Sulfate
Barium Sulfate
Bismuth Salt
Barium Sulfate
Bismuth Salt
N/A N/A Barium Sulfate Barium Sulfate
Custom Colors
(available with)
Yes Yes Limited No No Yes Yes
Solution Grades No* Yes Yes No* No No* No*
Hydrogel Grade No No Yes No No No No
Extrusion and/or Molding Grades Both Both Both Both Both Primarily Injection Molding Both
(< 30 days)
Good Good Good Good Polyether – Good
Polyester – Application Dependent 
Good Good
(≥ 30 days)
Best Shore D - Good
Shore A - Application Dependent
Not Determined Good Polyester – Application Dependent
Polyether Shore D - Good
Polyether Shore A - Application Dependent
Good Shore D - Good
Shore A - Application Dependent
Strength Good Good Dry - Good
Wet - Fair
Good Best Good Best
Flexibility Good Best Good Poor Good Poor Good
Solvent Resistance Good Good Good Best Best Good Best

* Extrusion and injection molding grade can be dissolved in specific organic solvents.

On Demand Webinar: 'TPU for Implantable Devices'

Watch our webinar to gain an understanding of the versatility and benefits of TPUs, learn how device functionality drives material selection, and review the methodology on selecting polyurethane chemistry grades.