Wound Care Market

Wound Care

As a technology leader, Lubrizol applies our technical expertise and portfolio of specialty thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) products to offer resins for use in innovative treatments for burns, lacerations, infection, ulcers and general tissue damage. Our polymers are frequently tailored for use in applications such as films, tapes, backings, and wound dressings.

Our products for advanced wound care applications exhibit biocompatibility and strength and are precisely tuned to ensure the necessary amount of protection for healing tissues while also maintaining breathability and patient comfort.  Lubrizol TPUs are designed to provide  a unique combination of moisture vapor transmission (MVT) and viral and bacterial barrier properties when processed into a pinhole free film.  The processing versatility of TPU allows for processing into thin films in a variety of ways, including thermal and solution methods.

We also provide Carbopol® polymers and Tecophilic TPU which can absorb high levels of wound exudate. Carbopol polymers may also provide a buffering effect on the wound, which can assist in pH optimization at the wound site.

Potential wound care applications for Lubrizol polymers include:

  • Medical films and tapes
  • Membranes and backings
  • Wound care and IV dressings
  • Surgical and negative pressure wound therapy drapes