Medical Device

Medical Markets



Medical Cardiology


Providing polymer solutions for both inside- and outside-the-body cardiovascular applications, including pacemaker headers.
Medical DED

Drug/Device Combination Products

Offering Pathway™ thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) excipients for controlled, sustained drug release in biodurable implants and combination products.

Dental Devices

Providing multiple medical-grade thermoplastic polyurethanes, including Isoplast®, Pellethane®, and Tecothane, ideal for oral devices.
Medical Urology


LLS Health's polymers are well suited for use in a variety of urological applications because of their biocompatibility, chemical (acidic) resistance, hydrophilic (water absorption) properties, indwelling softening characteristics and lubricity.
Medical Vascular


Providing customizable medical grade resins for CVC and PICC catheters and other endovascular medical devices.
Medical Wound Care

Wound Care

We apply our technical expertise and portfolio of specialty thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) products to develop innovative treatments for burns, lacerations, infection, ulcers and general tissue damage.