Lubrizol has delivered thermal management fluids to meet industry needs for decades. Now we’re applying that expertise to emerging fields, from high-computing data centers to future-generation vehicle technology.


Server Rack in Immersion Cooling Fluid

Thermal Management for Data Centers

The world’s computing power is growing faster than ever before. This means data centers are processing more information and running at higher temperatures to keep up.  CompuZol™ Immersion Fluid Solution from Lubrizol® is an immersion cooling solution that helps customers rapidly scale their facilities’ workloads and high-density computing capabilities in a safe, lower cost and environmentally responsible manner1, without the use of PFAS.

Two-phase cooling will be hit by EPA rules and 3M's exit from PFAS "forever chemicals" - DCD ( 

Electric Vehicle Battery in Immersion Cooling Fluid

Thermal Management for Transportation

As hybrid electric vehicle and electric vehicle markets continue to expand, so does our range of solutions that optimize performance. Our specialized Evogen™ battery thermal management fluids enable efficient performance and durability] of batteries and electronics prone to high temperature degradation.

A Lubrizol Partnership

Lubrizol helps solve some of the world’s biggest challenges through a unique combination of chemistry, formulating, applications testing and market insights.

More than 90 years of expertise in complex chemistry ensures tailored, high-performance solutions matched in strength by our global supply chain, allowing our customers to quickly scale in geographies important to them and their goals.