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2017 Corporate Brochure

2017 Corporate Brochure

Lubrizol’s 2017 corporate brochure is now available. The publication features a letter from Eric Schnur, our CEO, as well as brief product line overviews and additional discussion about our research and development and operations activities.

Estane VSN 9000

Estane® VSN 9000

Self-healing TPU for high-end eyewear applications.

Lubrizol Additives 360


A full-circle source of market trends, industry insights and the lubrication challenges of today's advanced hardware

Lubrizol at a Glance

At Lubrizol, we combine complex specialty chemicals to optimize the quality, performance and value of our customers' products while reducing their environmental impact. We are proud to serve a global customer base through three business segments, each with a strong portfolio of outstanding product lines.