Lubrizol – A Partner in Growth

For more than 50 years, Lubrizol has been a contributor to the Indian economy. Now, we're taking that commitment one step further with a $150 million investment in the region.

The future is bright for India, and Lubrizol is excited to be a part of it. 

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Lubrizol's Regional Impact

  • More than $150 million in local investment
  • The world’s largest single-site CPVC resin plant in Vilayat
  • Doubled CPVC compound capacity at the Dahej, Gujarat, facility
  • In-region testing and development capabilities for calcium sulfonate greases
  • Forecasted growth of roughly 4,000 direct and indirect jobs via new investments

Global Capability Center

As part of our commitment in India, we are developing a Global Capability Center (GCC) in Pune, Maharashtra. This regional hub will add to our capabilities to support regional growth and allow closer collaboration among employees in the region. We expect to add 150-200 new employees in the next year to this location. The GCC will enable both local-for-local and local-for-global functional resources to ensure necessary in-region and global support. The GCC opened in April 2024.

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Lubrizol CPVC — Delivering Reliability For Life

India's population is booming. Residential, commercial, and industrial construction is growing. Lubrizol will be there to create access to clean drinking water, protect lives and property, and meet the needs of industrial applications with our CPVC piping systems. As the inventor and largest producer of CPVC compounds, Lubrizol's piping systems will deliver reliable, enduring installations for India's infrastructure and residential growth.


Transportation Additives — Promoting Cleaner Travel

India is the third largest automotive market. Passenger car and commercial vehicle sales are growing, and motorcycles remain a critical transportation choice for commuters. Since 1966, Lubrizol has been providing lubricant and fuel solutions in India that improve engine and transmission performance, ensure after treatment device protection with the use of necessary chemistry, and reduce emissions to promote cleaner methods for travel.
Home Care

Home Care — Meeting the Needs of a Growing Middle Class

India’s vibrant middle class is seeking better and more sustainable personal and home cleaning products. Lubrizol is leveraging our knowledge of the market to meet those needs. As families in India seek detergent bars for laundry and dishes, we’ve helped reduce deforestation by replacing palm oil derivatives and improved the structural integrity of these bars to ensure they last longer and reduce waste.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

With every growth initiative, Lubrizol remains committed to a more sustainable future—minimizing our footprint while maximizing our positive impact on a cleaner, better world.

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