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At Lubrizol, we solve tough performance challenges, create unique formulations and develop new products to bring greater reliability, efficiency or wellness to billions of lives around the world. Learn more about the ways our specialty chemical expertise enhances practically every facet of everyday life.

Case Studies

Performance Apparel

Apparel Industry

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Lubrizol is reducing pre-consumer material waste in the apparel industry’s supply chain

Brazil BlazeMaster Case Study

Fire Protection

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BlazeMaster® fire protection system protects the tallest building in Brazil



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Estane® TPU helps the footwear industry through less waste and enhanced recyclability

Hair Care

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New formulations target growing interest in scalp care


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ARGIRELINE® peptide minimizes the appearance of wrinkles

Pigment Dispersion

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New pigments give printers an affordable and environmentally friendly option.

Detergent Bar

Reliable Cleaning

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Hygiene in India gets a boost from long-lasting detergent bars.

Sustainable Plastic Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

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Collaboration is essential to finding a solution for sustainable packaging

Commercial Fleet

Vehicle Efficiency

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Providing a total solution for commercial fleet fuel efficiency