Delivering Value Beyond the Device

Lubrizol provides industry-leading materials, integrated capabilities, trusted regulatory guidance, and end-to-end support, from ideation to manufacturing of raw component materials to design, development, and assembly — while still giving you control over the process. It’s how we deliver value beyond the device.

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Success Requires Unmatched Breadth and Depth of Services in These Areas:

Device Design Services

Our dedicated design & development team includes more than 35 engineers and technicians with a combined total of over 425 years of experience and over 85 patents.

Our centers of excellence in California and Germany provide geographic proximity to our clients, fueling collaboration. With our global resources and deep technical experience, we partner with our customers to develop novel solutions that address unmet clinical needs.

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Polymer Solutions

As one of the world’s largest formulators and manufacturers of medical-grade thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) polymers, we have served more than 750 customers in over 40 countries.

Unlike other contract design and manufacturing companies, we offer unrivalled polymer expertise that can help in the design of new products and service the unique needs of our customers. As the inventor of TPU, our technical expertise and knowledge stand apart.

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Contract Manufacturing

Lubrizol has provided contract manufacturing exclusively for the global life sciences industry for nearly 40 years. We produce more than 85 million medical device components, assemblies, and devices per year across more than 4,000 different SKUs.

We partner with customers and designers to ensure devices are designed for manufacturability and produce components and devices in small batches and large-scale production.

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Roadblocks Video Series

The Lubrizol Roadblocks Series shows how our integrated capabilities and partnership-first approach helps manufacturers overcome some of the biggest obstacles in the medical device design and development process. See the full series here.

Roadblock: Polymer Quality

Ensuring medical polymer quality is critical and enables improved product design and performance, which is why we deliver high quality products every time.

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Roadblock: Manufacturability

Obtaining and producing materials and components efficiently while sourcing from multiple vendors can negatively impact speed to market. Lubrizol offers expertise and insights to design for optimal manufacturability.

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Roadblock: Technology Expertise

Experience partner collaboration that offers access to full-service, next-generation technology and expertise, helping to streamline processes and get devices to market faster. 

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At Lubrizol, we serve the full product development lifecycle. We can support your medical device from concept to commercialization.

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Success Stories

Optimized Design Case Study

Success Story: Optimized Product Design Helps Achieve Market Success

Lubrizol supported an OEM when they implemented enhancements to a cannula that enabled clinicians to perform ablation procedures with shorter recovery times —improving patient comfort.

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Removing Regulatory Barriers

Success Story: Removing Regulatory Barriers to Increase Speed to Market

Lubrizol’s proactive initiative to offer non-animal derived polymers helps medical device OEMs overcome regulatory roadblocks putting devices in the hands of physicians, faster. 

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See how Lubrizol can support your medical device from concept to commercialization.

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