Medical Device Contract Manufacturing Prototyping

Quick Response Prototyping for Medical Devices

You have an amazing idea. You’ve spec’d it. Rendered it. Revised it. In theory, it’s perfect. But you can’t guarantee that you've achieved your clinical objective until you actually try producing the product. The medical device prototyping stage gives you the opportunity to try different medical device manufacturing options and processing methods to ensure that the part is producible. Work with Lubrizol Life Science Health to test your medical device design, make revisions and explore creative innovations that could make it even better than you imagined.
LLS Health’s advanced equipment and flexible production processes allow us to mold liquid silicone rubber and provide rapid extrusion of thermoplastics and silicone. Low volumes of final-form prototypes help you with characterization, evaluation and iteration during product development. We use the same materials and GMP traceability standards specified for full production. And we work quickly, reducing turnaround time so you can accelerate your time to market and move ahead with confidence. LLS Health supports all your needs, taking your product from a fast-turn short run to full-scale production.

Proprietary Prototype Tooling

We build most of our pin-and-die sets in-house to provide quick turnaround on all extrusion prototypes. For molding prototypes, we leverage our tooling design expertise and our established relationships with tooling manufacturers to expedite the process. We evaluate program requirements and timelines allowing us manufacturing options from the use of custom insert plates along with standard base and top plates through full-hardened steel tooling to accommodate your medical rapid prototyping goals.