Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical Device Manufacturing Capabilities

Paving the Way for Successful Clinical Results, One Component at a Time.

You need your single component, component design, device design and/or device assembly to reach its full potential, provide exceptional performance at the point of care, and uphold your brand. This starts with a good idea. But the question is: how do you go from a good idea to an actual device that supports and facilitates optimal clinical outcomes for the design of the device? 

At Lubrizol Life Science Health (LLS Health), our team of experts have all the tools and capabilities to help bring this idea to life and provide a roadmap for success. For four decades, the Contract Manufacturing business of LLS Health has provided medical device manufacturing services for a vast range of medical applications. Each year we produce more than 60 million compliant, high-quality components in our advanced facilities, and we do it all in the most efficient and effective way possible. Because, at LLS Health, our success depends on your success.

Silicone Medical Molding for Any Volume or Complexity

Specializing in liquid silicone injection molding, LLS Health offers silicone transfer and insert molding for the complete and exact realization of your product. No matter how intricate the design, how big or small the volume requirement, or how far along you are in the idea process, LLS Health is fully capable of handling your needs with confidence. Check out our silicone molding capabilities here

Trusted Processes and State-of-the-Art Equipment for Precise Medical Extrusion Capabilities

LLS Health's precision medical solutions for extrusion of thermoplastics and silicone meet exact specifications for challenging geometries with tight tolerances. Our expertise includes custom extrusion of thermoplastics and silicone to suit a wide variety of medical applications.

Setting the Standard for Dip Casting Excellence

Dip casting is ideal for forming complex shapes, ultra-thin walls, large cavities and low-durometer and low-friction surfaces, as well as medical device prototyping. However, its complexity requires special skills and processes. Fortunately, with more than 15 years of experience specializing in silicone dip casting and coating of medical devices, our precise knowledge and technology in this area a/re unmatched in the industry.

Specialized Silicone Sheeting for all Applications

Our partners trust LLS Health to help deliver specialized medical silicone sheets and films, no matter the configuration. LLS Health’s silicone sheeting is both biocompatible and breathable —perfect for sealing, bonding and creating barriers of elastomeric components for reconstructive, cardiac, bariatric, dermal, and advance wound care applications.

High-Quality Device Assembly Operations, from Start to Finish

LLS Health utilizes advanced capabilities, including encapsulation, bonding, reinforcing and robotics, to complete your medical device assembly. By managing the details of the supply chain, we are able to receive components and deliver your product with speed and precision and offer medical device manufacturing in its most complete form. Additionally, LLS Health offers a variety of topnotch secondary services, including bonding, cutting, drilling, silk screening and tipping to allow us to finish manufacturing your medical device and prepare it for market.