Pellethane® TPU

Pellethane® thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) offer a wide range of properties for medical and healthcare products. These medical grade polymers are available as aromatic polyether and polyesters and are known for their flexibility and wide range of hardnesses. Pellethane TPUs are ideal for a variety of medical applications including tubing, catheters, and other short-term uses. 

Product Name Hardness Safety Data Sheets Availability  Technical Data Sheets
Aromatic Polyether TPUs
2363-55DE 55D SDS Global Pellethane 2363 Series
2363-55D 55D SDS Global
2363-65D 64D SDS Global
2363-75D 75D SDS Global
2363-80AE 83A SDS Global
2363-80A 80A SDS Global
2363-90AE 90A SDS Global
2363-90A 90A SDS Global
5863-80A 80A SDS   (Discontinued)
5863-82AE-R1 82A SDS   (Discontinued)
5863-85A-R1 85A SDS Global Pellethane 5863-85A-R1
5863-87A-R1 87A SDS Global Pellethane 5863-87A-R1
5863-90A 90A SDS   (Discontinued)
5863-91A 91A SDS   (Discontinued)
8663-85A 85A SDS Asia Pacific Pellethane 8663 Series
8663-95A 90A SDS Asia Pacific
8663-55D 51D SDS Asia Pacific
8663-85A-B20 86A SDS Asia Pacific Pellethane 8663-85A-B20
Product Name Hardness Safety Data Sheets Technical Data Sheets
Aromatic Polyester TPUs
58092 NAT 027  95A SDS Pellethane 58092 NAT 027
5855-70D-WF 70D SDS Pellethane 5855-70D-WF
5855-92A 92A SDS Pellethane 5855-92A