Lubrizol's medical grade polymers are well suited for use in a variety of urological applications because of their biocompatibility, chemical (acidic) resistance, hydrophilic (water absorption) properties, indwelling softening characteristics and lubricity. For this reason, usage of Lubrizol polymers can play a significant role in minimizing patient discomfort that can result from catheter usage for a variety of reasons.

Potential urological applications for Lubrizol polymers include:

  • BPH ablation catheters
  • Ureteral stents
  • Intermittent catheters
  • Urethral catheters
  • Self catheters

All of our polymers used for catheter applications, including those from the Carbothane™ TPU  , Pellethane® TPU, Tecoflex™ TPU and Tecothane™ TPU product lines, are also plasticizer free, making them safer to use than alternative materials. Lubrizol offers complete catheter systems - not only tubes, but all the connectors that go with them.