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Exploring the Potential of Polymeric Excipients for Nasal Formulations

Posted by Ashley Rezak | 04/25/2024

In recent years, the landscape of pharmaceutical formulations has been witnessing a significant shift towards non-invasive delivery methods. Among these, nasal administration has emerged as a promising option, particularly in the wake of a respiratory virus pandemic and the quest for innovative drug delivery solutions. With a growing interest in nasal drug delivery, there's also a corresponding surge in products aiming to protect against respiratory infections.

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A Guide to Oral Suspensions for Formulation Scientists

Posted by Nicholas DiFranco | 04/17/2024

Oral suspensions are pharmaceutical formulations in which solid particles of active ingredients are dispersed in a liquid vehicle. These suspensions are commonly used for administering medications to patients who have difficulty swallowing solid dosage forms, such as tablets or capsules, or for those who require customized dosages. Here's a comprehensive guide to understanding and formulating oral suspensions:

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Unlocking the Power of Magnesium: Exploring MAGSHAPE™ Microcapsules for a Healthier, Active Lifestyle, and Better Sleep

Posted by Isabel Gómez | 03/28/2024

In the relentless pursuit of an active and healthy lifestyle, nutrition plays a pivotal role. Often overlooked but crucial, magnesium is an essential mineral that influences numerous biochemical reactions within the body. Addressing the need for a concentrated and effective magnesium source, MAGSHAPE™ microcapsules has emerged as a game-changer. This blog aims to delve into the nutritional significance of magnesium, the unique benefits offered by MAGSHAPE™ microcapsules, and its versatile applications for individuals aiming to maintain optimal health and well-being, including its impact on sleep quality.

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2024 Nutraceutical Ingredient Trends

Posted by Isabel Gómez | 02/02/2024

In 2024, our goal is to provide Lubrizol solutions that align with consumer trends. We will accomplish this by utilizing our branded ingredients, supported by science and technological innovation, to enable differentiated nutraceutical products. This post discusses the increasing popularity of nutraceutical ingredients and the needs of consumers that need to be addressed. It also covers popular categories that are gaining momentum, such as products that support sleep, immune health, beauty from within, and gut health.

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Topical gel

2024 Trends in Topical Drug Delivery: Insights & Innovation

Posted by Ashley Rezak | 01/18/2024

Topical drug delivery has long been a significant route of treatment for various ailments. Ranging from simple salves used by ancient civilizations to the sophisticated formulations of today, the progress in this sector represents the confluence of biology, chemistry, and innovative technology. But the role of a drug isn't just about its therapeutic effect. The medium through which it's delivered – the excipients – play an indispensable role in dictating the efficacy, stability, and overall performance of a topical product.

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The Guide to Formulating Oral Extended-Release Tablets

Posted by Nicholas DiFranco | 08/30/2023

Extended-release tablets, also known as sustained-release, controlled-release, or time-release tablets, have become increasingly important in the healthcare sector due to their ability to maintain consistent drug levels in the body over a specific period. This drug delivery system provides various benefits, including enhanced patient compliance, minimized side effects, and improved therapeutic efficacy.

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Patient Centric - L

Differentiating Your Oral Drug Product - Consider Consumer Challenges

Posted by Ashley Rezak | 08/23/2023

While advancements in drug delivery are continually improving drug efficacy and bioavailability, there are still significant areas of unmet need in the market. This post discusses some key challenges of oral drug formulations and why they are important to address for patient health and differentiation in a crowded market. We uncover strategies for overcoming these challenges, including extended drug release, taste masking, and tablet size reduction.

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Topical Cream

Three Unique Topical Applications for Carbopol® Polymers: A Literature Evaluation

Posted by Ashley Rezak | 08/01/2023

Topical drug delivery is a desirable option for formulators seeking a non-invasive, patient-preferred route of administration.

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Solving parenteral solubility challenges in the development of oncology therapeutics

Posted by Joey Glassco | 06/29/2023

It’s no secret that solubility and bioavailability issues continue to challenge formulators and drug developers.

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The power of novel excipients in 505(b)(2) products

Posted by LLS Health Technical Team | 03/17/2023

The FDA 505(b)(2) regulatory pathway for drug approval, which allows applicants to use existing safety data as evidence, continues to grow in popularity.

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Solving Solubilization: Overcoming Challenges in the Formulation Development of Oral Solid Dosage Forms

Posted by Nicholas DiFranco | 01/25/2023

For drug developers working on oral solid dosage drug projects, solubility, and therefore bioavailability, is a significant challenge. At present, poor water solubility impacts around 40% of drugs currently on the market. 

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Lubrizol Launches Innovative Apisolex™ Technology to Improve Solubility & Simplify Manufacturing of Parenteral Drug Products

Posted by LLS Health Technical Team | 05/03/2022

Apisolex™ technology provides formulators with a safe, polyamino-acid-based excipient to enhance the solubility of BCS Class II and IV APIs, including oncology agents, for parenteral delivery.

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Tackling the Trends - How Excipient Technologies Enable Oral Solid Innovation

Posted by LLS Health Technical Team | 04/14/2022

Oral solid dosage forms, such as tablets, represent the largest segment of the pharmaceutical market. Despite the long history of oral solids in pharmaceuticals, there is still high demand for innovation. For new oral drugs to be commercially successful, it is key that they are easy to manufacture, cost-effective, and patient-friendly. Excipient technologies, such as Carbopol® polymers, can enable for formulator- and patient-centric benefits for these products. Learn more in this article. 

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Excipients for Solubility Enhancement: Enabling Oral and Injectable Formulations

Posted by LLS Health Technical Team | 03/29/2022

Excipient-enabled approaches to solubility enhancement can accelerate drug development by leveraging established, scalable manufacturing techniques. In this post, we discuss common formulation tactics for BCS Class II and IV APIs and introduce Lubrizol’s novel solubility-enhancing excipients, oral-grade Apinovex™ polymer and injectable-grade Apisolex™ polymer.  

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Commercial Timeline

Can Your Medical Device Design Partner Help You Meet Your Commercialization Timeline?

Posted by LLS Health Technical Team | 02/01/2022

Whether your focus is in electrophysiology, neurovascular, structural heart, vascular peripheral intervention or specialized/localized drug delivery, working with a skilled design and development team helps you achieve desired design requirements on schedule and in budget.  

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NAC regulatory

Not All Carbomers are Created Equal: Understanding Regulatory Best Practices When Sourcing Carbomer Excipients

Posted by LLS Health Technical Team | 01/31/2022

In this post Lubrizol Life Science Health explores the regulatory requirements governing excipient safety for the United States as an example of best practice to help formulators understand how to select the most appropriate carbomer for their needs.

Categories: Pharmaceuticals, Regulatory, Carbomers
LLS Health Corona Expansion

Announcement: Expansion of North American Medical Device Design Center Supports Integrated Approach

Posted by LLS Health Technical Team | 01/11/2022

Lubrizol Life Science Health is committed to providing a single-source solution that supports customers from concept to commercialization for their medical device solutions. The recent expansion of our U.S. Medical Device Design Center represents the next phase of this commitment.

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Integrated Approach

The Advantages of an Integrated Approach to Medtech Development

Posted by LLS Health Technical Team | 11/10/2021

OEMs and startups alike increasingly see the advantages of working with an integrated medical device development provider that can support projects from concept to commercialization.

Categories: Medical Devices

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