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Our high performance Carbopol® polymer excipients have been used extensively in oral care applications for decades. Initially used in aqueous toothpaste formulations as a thickener and co-binder, our polymers are now used in a variety of oral gels, pastes, denture care products, and mouth rinses, including those with natural ingredients, whitening capabilities, and long-acting or retention properties. 

The toughness and chemical resistance of our medical grade thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) enable applications such as invisible aligners/braces, retainers and mouthguards.  In addition, our flexible yet strong TPU grades are ideal for orthodontic elastics as well as other oral devices.

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Download: Carbomers in Oral Care Products

In this guide, we explore some of the challenges faced by oral care formulators and discuss how they can be overcome via the use of high-performance polymers.

Infographic: Long-Lasting Oral Care

LLS Health conducted a survey about oral care preferences and found that long-lasting effect is one of the 4 most important factors for consumers when choosing oral care, alongside essential performance benefits.


Dental Aligner

Dental Aligner & Orthodontic Devices

Providing multiple medical-grade thermoplastic polyurethanes, including Isoplast®, Pellethane®, and Tecothane, ideal for oral devices.
Denture care

Denture Care

Catering to both the Denture Care sub segments viz; Denture Adhesive and Denture Cleaner product lines. We manufacture high-performance Carbopol polymers and TAED bleach activators that are used in Denture Adhesives and Denture Cleaner formulations respectively.
Mouth rinse

Mouth Rinse

Offering multifunctional, muco-adhesive polymers for both hydroalcoholic and non-alcoholic oral rinse applications. Our polymers enable partners to create products that meet market needs and differentiate via consumer-friendly properties.

Toothpaste & Gels

Efficient thickeners/co-binders, our polymers are used in a variety of oral gel and toothpaste formulations to impart capabilities such as rheology modification for  improved aesthetics, mucoadhesion, and manufacturer benefits.  




Our medical-grade TPUs impart unique performance in dental devices such as, dental aligners, mouth and night guards, retainers, and orthodontic elastics.
Mouth rinse

Solutions & Suspensions

We offer multifunctional, bioadhesive polymers for oral solutions and suspensions such as mouth rinses.

Toothpastes & Gels

We manufacture high-performance polymers that have added value to oral toothpastes and gel formulations for more than fifty years.



Actives/Natural Ingredients

We have a broad offering of active and botanical ingredients with oral care benefits, such as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties.
Dental aligner

Medical Polymers

Our medical grade thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) offer a range of properties to deliver differentiated performance when used in orthodontic applications. 

Inactive Ingredients

Our high performance Carbopol® polymers and Noveon® polycarbophil have been used extensively in oral care applications for decades.
Whitening strip


We manufacture tetraacetylethylenediamine (TAED) as a bleach activator for denture cleaners with superior antibacterial / antifungal performance.