Denture care

Denture Care

An increasingly aging population has resulted in a growing need for enhanced performance in denture care, such as with cleansers and adhesives. Consumers are progressively looking for products that offer multiple benefits, such as antibacterial qualities, breath freshening, long-acting adhesion, and whitening, among others.  

LLS Health polymers enable our partners to successfully meet these consumer needs. We have a longstanding history of product quality, safety, and effectiveness across multiple markets. LLS Health manufactures high-performance polymers and bleach activators used in numerous commercial denture care products, from denture cleansing tablets to adhesives.

Denture Adhesives

  • We offer Carbopol® polymers for use in denture adhesives, which provide:
    • Highly efficient thickening of anhydrous compositions
    • Long term adhesion in denture care applications
    • Lower bioburden, due to their synthetic nature, and does not support microbial growth when compared to natural cellulosic polymers and gums 

We also provide denture adhesive formulation support.

Denture Cleaners

We manufacture TAED (tetraacetylethylenediamine), an effective and safe bleach activator present in select denture cleaners to prevent bacterial build-up. TAED:

  • Reacts with peroxide to form a powerful bleaching agent and disinfectant (peracetic acid), effectively cleansing and disinfecting dentures
  • Is used exclusively in powder formats and only reacts when water is added
  • Is environmentally safe, as it is readily biodegradable