mouth wash

Solutions & Suspensions

Solutions and suspensions often appear in oral care as mouth rinses and denture cleaners, among other product types. LLS Health has extensive experience with solutions and suspensions; our Carbopol® polymers have added value to these dosage forms for oral health applications for decades. 

Our multifunctional ingredients are ideal for achieving the desired properties of your oral care solution or suspension. Benefits of our polymers include: 

  • Highly efficient rheology modification at low usage levels 
  • Ideal flowability for a variety of liquid formats, such as those that are sprayed, pumped, or poured 
  • Lower bioburden, due to their synthetic nature, and does not support microbial growth when compared to natural cellulosic polymers and gums
  • High yield value allowing for stable, robust suspensions 
  • Bioadhesion to oral tissue, providing prolonged active or flavor retention and muco-protective capabilities 
  • Potential for generating new intellectual property (IP) by way of unique differentiation

Our polymers are manufactured under GMPs in ISO:9001 certified facilities, have established DMFs, and have been extensively tested for biocompatibility and safety. 

Technical Solutions 

All LLS Health products and services are supported by our knowledgeable Technical Solutions staff and dedicated technical centers around the world.