Toothpaste & Gels

The toothpaste market is undergoing rapid premiumization, with consumers demanding greater levels of performance from oral care products. As a result, more products are arising with specialized benefit claims, such as enamel-sensitivity and management of gum inflammation. 

LLS Health manufactures high-performance Carbopol® polymers, which have added value to oral care products for decades. Our polymers are used as efficient thickeners/co-binders in a variety of oral gel and paste formulations, both aqueous and anhydrous, including those with anti-cavity, tooth sensitivity protection, natural ingredients, whitening capabilities, and long-acting / retention properties.

Our polymers offer many advantages to the toothpaste market over alternative products, including: 

  • Efficient thickening and binding properties in hydrous / semi-alcoholic formulations, in addition to being the preferred thickener for anhydrous compositions 
  • Synergistic co-thickening properties with either cellulosic polymers or natural gums, for improved economics and formulations
  • Unique rheology leading to improved aesthetics, such as ribbon stand-up and high clarity gels  
  • Superior mucoadhesive properties compared to other polymers, allowing for prolonged active or flavor retention and muco-protective capabilities
  • Consistent lot to lot uniformity and lower bioburden, due to their synthetic nature, and does not support microbial growth when compared to natural cellulosic polymers and gums
  • Reduced stringiness leading to better high-speed tube-filling performance and no-spill toothbrush application 
  • Possible intellectual property (IP) generation due to unique differentiation properties