mouth wash

Mouth Rinse

Oral health is increasingly associated with overall human health, making it a crucial part of healthcare. Mouth rinses are the most rapidly growing segment of the oral health market. Needs are rising in both cosmetic and therapeutic oral washes as patients progressively look for products that offer superior performance qualities, such as breath freshening, teeth whitening, and dry mouth relief.

LLS Health offers a variety of multifunctional, muco-adhesive polymers for both hydroalcoholic and non-alcoholic oral rinse applications. Our polymers enable our partners to create products that meet market needs and differentiate via consumer-friendly properties. 

In addition to our long history of product safety, quality, and effectiveness, our Carbopol® polymers and Noveon® polycarbophil offer the application advantages of:  

  • Excellent suspension of non-soluble active and inactive ingredients
  • Bioadhesion to oral mucosa, allowing for prolonged active or flavor retention, as well as coating, lubricating, and protecting oral tissue
  • Bioadhesive properties that also help preserve moisture balance in the oral tract, which is especially critical for Dry Mouth (also known as “Xerostomia”)