Dental Aligner

Dental Aligner and Orthodontic Devices

Our TPU has been used in commercial applications such as clear dental aligners (also known as invisible braces), mouthguards, and orthodontic elastics as well as other oral devices. 
Denture care

Denture Care

LLS Health caters to both the Denture Care sub segments viz; Denture Adhesive and Denture Cleaner product lines. We manufactures high-performance Carbopol polymers and TAED bleach activators that are used in Denture Adhesives and Denture Cleaner formulations respectively. 
Mouth rinse

Mouth Rinse

LLS Health offers multifunctional, muco-adhesive polymers for both hydroalcoholic and non-alcoholic oral rinse applications. Our polymers enable our partners to create products that meet market needs and differentiate via consumer-friendly properties.

Toothpaste & Gels

Our polymers are used as efficient thickeners/co-binders in a variety of oral gel and toothpaste formulations to impart capabilities such as rheology modification for  improved aesthetics, mucoadhesion, and manufacturer benefits.