Toothpastes & Gels

Pastes and gels are common dosage forms in oral healthcare, examples include toothpaste, oral analgesic gels, and denture fixatives. LLS Health manufactures high-performance Carbopol® polymers, which have added value to these dosage forms for more than fifty years. 

Our polymers are highly efficient thickeners/co-binders, as well as gel formers, used in a variety of oral semisolid formulations - aqueous and anhydrous.  These excipients provide critical product attributes, including: 

  • Ideal aesthetics for the creation of toothpastes with reduced stringiness and high clarity gels, as well as other oral care formulations such as denture adhesives
  • The ability to evenly disperse active ingredients and stabilize the final product, including peroxide gel systems 
  • Synergistic co-thickening with either cellulosic polymers or natural gums, for improved economics and formulations
  • Mucoadhesive binding to protect and lubricate oral mucosal tissue 
  • Optimal processing capabilities allowing for cold processing, improved tube filling, and faster processing times  
  • Consistent lot to lot uniformity and Llower bioburden, due to their synthetic nature, and does not support microbial growth when compared to natural cellulosic polymers and gums

Our ingredients are manufactured under GMPs in ISO:9001 certified facilities, have established DMFs, and have been extensively tested for biocompatibility and safety. 

Technical Solutions 

All LLS Health products and services are supported by our knowledgeable Technical Solutions staff and dedicated technical centers around the world.