Dental aligner

Medical Polymers for Oral Care Use

Lubrizol Life Science medical grade thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) offer  a range of properties to deliver differentiated performance when used in orthodontic applications. 

Rigid TPU Elastomeric TPU
Suggested Products: Isoplast®, Tecoplast TPU Suggested Products: Pellethane®, Tecothane, Tecoflex
Excellent toughness means parts resist tearing and cracking Demonstrates excellent strength and offers a tunable range of flexibility
Superior chemical resistance prevents staining Can be processed in a variety of methods to allow for manufacturing versatility

Both rigid and elastomeric TPU offer excellent clarity as well as the option to custom color for highest aesthetic experience.

We are a leader in functional polymers for the medical industry. Our products feature biocompatability and biostability, high tensile strength and elongation, excellent processing attributes, and customization for a variety of applications. Learn more about Lubrizol Life Science's complete medical polymer portfolio.