2023 Update | A Message from the Chief Sustainability Officer

Elizabeth GroveA wise person once said: “change is the only constant in life.” We all have witnessed this statement in action over the last several years. From shifting geopolitical dynamics to a global pandemic to our weather and climate, it seems everyone has a front row seat to the constant of change.

The Lubrizol Corporation has experienced these same changes – as well as significant internal changes in the last several years. Under the direction of our new CEO, Rebecca Liebert, and a new executive leadership team, we are recommitting to our innovation and R&D fundamentals, refocusing our corporate strategy and clarifying our corporate purpose and values. I am proud to report that sustainability is at the very core of our renewed corporate purpose statement:

“Lubrizol science delivers sustainable solutions to advance mobility,
improve wellbeing and enhance modern life.”

We are laser-focused on delivering not just sustainable products, but solutions that help our customers meet their most pressing sustainability challenges. We know that Lubrizol’s most significant contribution to a more sustainable world lies in the positive impact our products will have, long after they leave our gates. Defining our criteria to grow our sustainable solutions portfolio and embedding it into our innovation and R&D processes is one of our most exciting changes taking place in 2023. Building the tools and processes to support and advance a more sustainable portfolio are others.

We look forward to releasing a full sustainability report in Q2 2024 detailing these and other exciting changes. In the meantime, however, we want to update you on the progress we made in 2022 toward our 2030 goals. A scorecard reporting our progress on our key targets can be found here. A more detailed version of our overall corporate sustainability scorecard can be found here. We all can be proud of the good progress we are making on our targets and look forward to seeing the positive impact of ongoing organizational changes on our targets in 2023.

Another wise person once said “progress is impossible without change.” As 2023 comes to a close and we celebrate our 95th year, the Lubrizol team can be proud of our long track record of leveraging change to make progress. Our hard work, resilience and commitment are moving Lubrizol forward and setting the course for new and exciting directions for our next 100 years.

Elizabeth Grove Signature

Elizabeth Grove

Chief Sustainability Officer and President of The Lubrizol Foundation