Polyurethane Dispersions

Polyurethane dispersions are resins supplied in water that bring a unique combination of toughness, mechanical properties and durability typically not achievable in other polymer chemistries. These resins are used on a wide range of surfaces and applications, including wood, metal, plastics, masonry and textiles.

With a sizable portfolio of innovative water-borne polyurethane dispersion technologies, Lubrizol can work with customers to deliver adaptable, customized products to meet specific needs, application requirements and new regulations. By working closely with customers and through continuous innovation, we are dedicated to delivering performance, simplicity and sustainable benefits.

In addition to traditional polyurethane dispersions, we have developed unique polyurethane technology based on patented polyamide polyols. This revolutionary chemistry is able to solve many of today’s most demanding coating challenges through our Aptalon™ polyamide polyurethane technology, which delivers the highest performance requirements (chemical, abrasion and ageing resistance)plus high levels of aesthetic appeal. Aptalon polyamide polyurethane chemistry is able to match solvent-borne performance while adding simplicity with 1K, self-crosslinking systems and the added sustainability of high bio-based carbon content.

We continue to optimize and enhance Lubrizol Sancure™, Aptalon and Permax™ polyurethane products to enhance polymer properties for specific applications.

Turboset™dispersions offer a distinct range of 1K, self-crosslinking systems to avoid the use of external crosslinkers for added simplicity. These polyurethane dispersions deliver the performance of a two-component system without any additional crosslinkers to develop polyurethane coating for wood. We also offer special functional polyurethane dispersions for 2K systems that are specially developed to crosslink with non-regulated crosslinkers.

Typical Applications

Lubrizol polyurethane dispersions are used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Paints and coatings—for adhesion to multiple substrates in transportation, industrial OEM, protective, wood, and building and construction polyurethane paint and coatings. They deliver 2K performance with 1K systems. The new high-solid content polyurethane dispersions will help reducing the number of layers in a multilayer coating system. Sustainable coatings are based on high bio-carbon content polyurethanes that enable low VOC and worldwide regulation compliant formulations. For matte finishes, inherent self-matting polyurethane dispersions do not require the use of matting additives that could affect negatively other key properties like clarity, haze or chemical resistance.
  • Printing and packaging—with adhesion to multiple substrates, our dispersions deliver an excellent balance of properties like rapid hardness, mar, scuff resistance and chemical resistance in applications such as printable primers, OPVs, ink vehicles and heat seal applications.

  • Paper and nonwovens—for abrasion resistance in specialty paper applications with a wide range from hard to soft and flexible polyurethane dispersions that fulfil most of the specific requirements like MVTR, heat stability, heat sealable and durability.

  • Textile—an extensive range of polyurethane dispersions, from soft and high elastic to hard deliver inherent properties such as flame retardancy, excellent UV and heat stability balancing mechanical properties, and excellent adhesion to multiple substrates to create the most effective pre-treatments and ink receptive coatings. Specially designed polyurethane emulsions provide high MVTR for waterproof, breathable textiles.

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