Vycar™ Vinyl Chloride and Vinylidene Chloride Resins

Vycar™ vinyl chloride and vinylidene chloride resins are purpose-built for applications that require flame retardancy and chemical, scuff, and mar resistance. They are designed for coating a wide variety of substrates and for impregnation and saturation of fibrous materials like paper, nonwovens, and textiles.

The inherent flame retardancy of Vycar emulsions makes them a good alternative for brominated flame retardants in many products. Vycar emulsions are heat sealable due to their thermoplastic properties, and can also be used to seal deformable materials by dielectric sealing.

Home furnishings such as blinds, draperies and upholstery can meet the most demanding flame retardancy standards when Vycar vinyl chloride emulsions are applied. Lubrizol has the formulation and application expertise to offer ready-to-use coatings tailored to specific application equipment and method, or we can help formulate coatings based on a Vycar emulsion.

Performance textiles for first responders benefit from the flame retardancy and abrasion resistance of coatings with Vycar emulsions, while water resistance can be greatly enhanced by seams that are sealed by tapes coated with Vycar.

Vycar emulsions can be used as the binder in a wide range of matt and scrim materials used in building and construction that require flexibility, exterior weatherability and flame retardancy.

The dielectric sealability and flame retardancy of Vycar vinyl chloride emulsions make them excellent for air filtration media.

For applications where barrier to moisture vapor is needed, Vycar™ vinylidene chloride emulsions are recommended.

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