About Lubrizol Performance Coatings

Lubrizol Performance Coatings is a market-driven innovator of specialty chemicals for advanced coatings, inks and composites. Our portfolio of resin and additive technologies solve challenges across a wide range of markets and applications. More than just a supplier, we are a collaborator, working closely with customers to achieve success in their markets by providing:

Innovative Technologies

Supported by decades of expertise in dispersion, adhesion, surface protection, and barrier properties, we develop coating, ink, and composite technologies that deliver value through outstanding performance, productivity, and sustainability.

Customer Collaboration

With in-depth market, application, and regulatory expertise, we collaborate with customers to formulate, test, and commercialize premium coating, ink, and composite products that create real competitive advantage.


Committed to investment in global research, testing, manufacturing, and customer service capabilities, we earn customers’ trust and confidence through consistent, in-region delivery of high-quality products and technical support that customers need to win.