Inkjet Color Dispersions

Lubrizol continues to be a key enabler in the transition from analog to digital printing for diverse applications through our dedication to innovative ink and coating technologies. As global experts in surface chemistry and dispersant technology with a thorough understanding of layer interaction between substrates coating, and ink, our goal is continuous improvement of print efficiency, quality, and durability.




Color dispersions are a critical component of inkjet inks for digital printing. Dispersions have to be reliable and stable to achieve reliable and robust inks. The ink has to jet well, be consistent, and provide the right level of color and fastness properties necessary for the end application. At the end of the day, the ink must be delivered reliably from the printhead to the substrate every time.

Lubrizol’s brand of Diamond Dispersions™ Color Dispersions for digital inks are water-based, disperse dye and pigment dispersions formulated with proprietary dispersant technology and processed using the latest milling technology. They are available worldwide and designed to deliver a variety of solutions for digitally printing on textiles, paper, film, and other substrates.

To formulate the right digital ink for specific applications, Lubrizol can help. Our experts collaborate with customers to explore the optimized balance digital ink technology and media coating technology. Our Diamond Dispersions portfolio of color dispersions bring outstanding value and capabilities, and they can perform even better when combined with additional Lubrizol technologies as well, as our jettable LubriJet™ binders or Lanco™ surface modifiers.

Offering color dispersions together with other compatible components, such as resins and wax additives, makes Lubrizol a unique and compelling partner, especially for printer OEMs wanting to develop new inkjet print systems.

Typical Applications

Color dispersions, such as Lubrizol’s Diamond Dispersions brand of pigment dispersions and disperse dye dispersions, are used in water-based inkjet inks for many digital print applications and markets, including textiles, packaging, decor, graphic or commercial printing. 

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