The packaging market demands packaging coatings, adhesives and additives that contribute value to formulations, whether helping the end product stand out on the shelf, protect the food and goods inside, provide the amount of internal adhesive strength required for the application, or meet increasing environmental regulations and consumer preference for more eco-friendly packaging.

Lubrizol is a world leader in market-driven innovation of specialty chemicals that help customers formulate differentiated brands in their markets. When it comes to packaging, this includes a commitment to delivering advanced resins, dispersants and wax additive technologies. Collaborating with customers to identify unique challenges, we are able to synthesize and formulate new packaging additives and coatings that create new opportunities in the market.

Lubrizol is dedicated to understanding the consumer, end use and customer needs of the packaging industry. With market leading component technology, we collaborate with customers to drive differentiated performance in a wide range of packaging products. This collaboration allows for the right balance of quality, durability, aesthetics and sustainability features.

Typical Applications

Our resin and polymer portfolio serves a range of applications under the packaging coatings umbrella, from lidding films, pouches, paperboard, wraps, and labels to security and brand protection with a broad range of materials suitable for barrier coatings, cold seal adhesives and release lacquers, heat seal lacquers, peelable and resealable coatings, hot stamp foil coatings and embossing applications.

Lubrizol flexible packaging adhesives are used in a range of dry/wet applications, such as paper to foil, film to film, film to foil, lidding and more, as well as for cold seal packaging food applications and heat seal lacquers for film-to-film sealing.

Lubrizol water-based pressure sensitive additives are used in permanent, semi-permanent and removable applications. Our dispersants and wax additives are used in packaging inks for application on paper, board, film and label substrates. See our Printing market page for more information relative to this related market.


Lubrizol technologies commonly used in the packaging market include resins & binders, with dispersants and wax additives used in packaging inks.

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