Value-Engineered Waxes

Often, ink and coating formulations require wax additives to deliver outstanding performance across a range of attributes and requirements, but not always. Sometimes, formulations call for a more basic level of performance. Investing in over-engineered technology may not deliver the optimal mix of performance and value. But a new polyethylene wax (PE) product line for coatings and ink formulations is designed to help. These micronized waxes are engineered to provide performance where you need it while maximizing value in the end application.

The new PE product line, part of the Lanco™ Surface Modifiers family, are the latest addition to Lubrizol’s wax additive offerings, and are specifically tailored for coatings and ink formulators with a range of benefits.

  • Good durability and surface protection
  • Coatings that need ‘soft touch’ with little friction
  • Excellent gloss control to achieve the desired appearance
  • Technical service for specific application needs
  • Supply chain stability  

Some products are commercially available today from the new product line, and more are on the way:

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