Protective Coatings

Protective coatings are designed to extend the life of a structure, vehicle or piece of equipment operating or residing in a relatively harsh environment, which means they have to meet a number of performance requirements. Protective coatings have to resist corrosive attack, chemical attack, thermal degradation, fire and physical damage to be able to safeguard many types of structures and equipment—from power generation and oil and gas production to water treatment facilities to refinery and petrochemical plants to commercial buildings and infrastructure.

Given that the types of structures being protected are often very expensive, long-lasting and are required to maintain their structural integrity in extreme conditions, protective coatings are incredibly important. Failure to provide protection could result in critical damages or even loss of life.

Leveraging decades of technical and market expertise as well as comprehensive product and applications testing, Lubrizol delivers innovative technologies for protective coatings, anticorrosion coatings and flame retardant coatings through a broad offering of resins, dispersants, and specialty additives. Our high-performance coating products contribute to corrosion protection, aesthetic appeal and toughness for the protective coatings industry for some of the most demanding applications and environments.

We have an in-depth understanding of customer needs throughout the value chain. By working alongside formulators, chemists and engineers, plus sales, marketing and purchasing professionals, we gain insight that adds value that is returned to our customers by improving existing technologies and developing new protective coating technologies.

While much of the market relies on solvent-borne coatings, we continue to develop water-borne products to meet regulatory and environmental requirements. Regardless of the type, we invest significant time and effort to continue to improve the performance of our products while enabling formulators to reduce VOCs.


Technologies commonly used for protective coatings applications include dispersants, resins, wax additives, and specialty additives.

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