Skin Care

Lipotec Skin CareWe stimulate your creative process to help you deliver unique, innovative and more natural solutions to the market.

As the leading supplier of specialty ingredients, Lubrizol Life Science, Beauty is committed to empowering you with services and products that will enable you to accelerate your creativity.

Your Applications, Our Formulations

Our solutions deliver unique benefits with superior sensory experiences in a wide range of cosmetics including creams, lotions, sprays, sticks, gels and wipes, for skin care, sun care and color cosmetic products.

Our Ingredients

Distinct sensory, gentle hydration, elegant afterfeel, perfect texture, anti-aging benefits… We can offer ample expertise in polymer technologies, molecular science and botanical extracts.

What's New

Actismart™ SW extracts

A selection of unique botanicals from around the world - obtained through the sustainable Phenobio™ subcritical water technology - prized for their natural beauty-enhancing values.

Argireline® Amplified peptide

A multifunctional ingredient that visibly transforms tired, dull, aging skin into a glowing and youthful complexion.

Sunhancer™ Eco SPF booster

The natural solution to reduce the UV filters content and environmental impact in sun care formulations. 


Nonapeptide that increases JARID1a and clock genes levels, enhancing early morning functions of the skin as if it was noon. It also provides an energizing effect on skin cells. The anti-fatigue effects of the ingredient are evident even after a night out, while in the long run it can also help obtain a more radiant and smooth skin.

STEVISSE™ Advanced Botanical Ingredient

Stevia leaf-based extract obtained using subcritical water extraction technology from organic leaves that promotes cellular resistance to oxidative stress, prevents the degradation of essential ECM proteins and helps to inhibit one of the skin’s pro-inflammatory pathways, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles associated with aging

New Skin Care Concepts

Conscious Makeup

As consumers become more passionate about protecting the planet, they’re taking a closer look at their cosmetics. It’s no longer enough for makeup to look and feel fabulous—it has to be created using the most natural, sustainably-sourced ingredients available.

Expect the Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected

A set of formulations to satisfy the contradictory and demanding Millennials generation, taking care of their skin and hair while offering an amusing game of textures. Discover how to have fun with your beauty routine.