For over 20 years, Argireline® peptide has been a trustworthy solution to target wrinkle visibility. In the dynamic world of beauty, Lubrizol continues to revolutionize the cosmetic market, offering amplified benefits and expanding possibilities to brands and consumers alike.

Discover the right anti-wrinkle Argireline® peptide for your skin

Argireline® peptide
The first peptide for expression wrinkles

Argireline® peptide was the first acetyl hexapeptide-8 in the cosmetic market designed to mimic Botulinum Toxin, effectively targeting a crucial mechanism involved in the formation of wrinkles. The peptide destabilizes the SNARE complex, minimizing the fusion of neurotransmitter-loaded vesicles with the neuron membrane. As a consequence, minimal neurotransmitters are released to the synapse and muscle contraction is reduced.


Minimizes the appearance of wrinkles by 20.6% in just 1 week with 2% Argireline® peptide solution.

Argireline® peptide Product Details

Argireline® Amplified peptide
Amplifying beauty, simplifying routines.

The all-in-one Argireline® Amplified peptide helps to make the skin look 5 years younger in 5 days, thanks to its holistic approach to improving the skin condition. It brings firmness, volume, and lifting. For the first time, Lubrizol has used the principles of green chemistry to create a naturally-derived peptide.


5 years younger-looking skin in only 5 days with 5% Argireline® Amplified peptide.

Argireline® Amplified peptide Product Details

Argireline® YOUth peptide
Express your emotions, preserve your beauty.

Argireline® YOUth peptide is a patented oil-soluble version of Argireline® peptide, thanks to the LipoClear™ inverse micelle delivery system. It helps to prevent the emergence of future expression wrinkles in the eye, forehead, nasolabial, and neck regions. Using a proprietary deep learning method, Lubrizol has objectively quantified the improvement in satisfaction after using Argireline® YOUth peptide.


Minimizes wrinkle volume by up to 74.5% in the crow's feet region, event when smiling.

Argireline® YOUth Peptide Product Details

Did you know that Argireline® peptide…

  • Is obtained on a solid matrix, a methodology created by professor R. Bruce Merrifield (Rockefeller University, NY, UAA) that in 1984 received the Nobel Prize in chemistry for this development.
  • After more than 10 years of research the peptide was officially launched in 2001.
  • It was a real breakthrough innovation as the first peptide with a specific effect on expression wrinkles. Its mechanism of action has made a significant difference to the industry.
  • Today, Argireline® peptide is still a leader in the cosmetic industry for its proven efficacy in attenuating the appearance of expression wrinkles.

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