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Pursuing Alternatives to Plastic

Posted by LLS Beauty Technical Team | 06/11/2021

Plastic Free Beauty Day, held annually on June 17, brings awareness of the need for more sustainable packaging of beauty products.

Categories: Hair Care, Skin Care, Skin Cleansing

Ecocentric Beauty

Posted by Paola Pérez | 06/09/2021

Consumers want beauty routines that take care of not only themselves but also the environment. 

Categories: Hair Care, Skin Care, Skin Cleansing

Meet the Minds: Melanie Marcant

Posted by LLS Beauty Technical Team | 05/19/2021

Lubrizol Life Science innovation would not be possible without our brilliant scientists and researchers. This is the latest in a series of profiles of the men and women behind our products.

Categories: Hair Care

Lubrizol's AlgaPur™ HSHO Algae Oil Wins BSB Innovation Award®

Posted by Juliana Mancini Gomiero | 05/11/2021

Lubrizol Life Science – Beauty’s AlgaPūr™ High Stability High Oleic (HSHO) algae oil has won a BSB Innovation Award® third prize for most innovative raw material in the category “Natural Products/Raw Materials for hair care.”

Categories: Hair Care

Enhancing Sun Protection

Posted by Maxime Fougere | 05/03/2021

Summer is about to kick off for the Northern Hemisphere, and with it comes increased consumer awareness of the need for sun protection.

Categories: Skin Care

Lapagyl™ advanced botanical ingredient promotes youthful skin

Posted by Dorota Niemczycka | 04/28/2021

The lapacho tree, the national tree of Paraguay, was known as the “tree of life” by the Incas, who revered it for its healing properties.

Categories: Skin Care

Beautiful, Healthy Hair with Kelco-Care™ diutan gum

Posted by Juliana Mancini Gomiero | 04/23/2021

According to a 2020 Euromonitor beauty survey, consumers are worried about hair damage, including breakage, split ends, brittleness and tangled hair.

Categories: Hair Care

Supporting a Sustainable Future with Biotechnology

Posted by Dorota Niemczycka | 04/20/2021

As consumers think more about how to support sustainability through their purchases, many are demanding it from the brands they regularly buy.

Categories: Skin Care

Sustainability: Reducing Product Life Cycle Environmental Impact

Posted by Elena Cañadas | 03/23/2021

Interest in sustainable beauty continues to grow as a consumer priority around the world.

Categories: Hair Care, Skin Care, Skin Cleansing

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