AlgaPūr™ High Stability High Oleic (HSHO) Algae Oil

From chesnut tree sap, a rich bio-oil for healthier hair and scalp.

Highly stable bio-based oil containing over 90% of beneficial Omega-9 (oleic acid in the form of triglycerides)

  • Helps protect and strengthen the fiber

  • Provides shine to the hair

  • Hydrates and keeps the scalp young for holistic hair care



Derived from a microalgae originally sourced from the sap of a chesnut tree, the biotechnological AlgaPūr™ High Stability High Oleic (HSHO) algae oil presents a sustainable profile and proven efficacy.


It was shown to protect against hair breakage and split ends, providing shine and control firizz. Algapur™ HSHO also offers immediate and long lasting moisturization and improved skin barrier function, increasing in type I collagen and elastin synthesis and in cell viability after UVB exposure and decreasing signs of UV-induced cell damage in vitro.


Sustainable benefits

Natural - according to ISO 16128

Readily biodegradable - OECD 301B

Palm free & fully traceable

Fermentation process with low carbon & water footprint 

Low land use impact

Replaces typical vegetable oils & in some instances, mineral oil


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Lubrizol is globally collaborating with Corbion Biotech, Inc. for AlgaPūr™ HSHO Algae Oil in the beauty and personal care markets. AlgaPūr™ is a registered trademark of Corbion.







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