Chromatic Rules. Makeup for NONconformists

Create formulations featuring the performance and texture versatility that today's makeup routine demands with readily biodegradable and high natural origin content Lubrizol functional ingredients.

Eco-conscious consumers demand more than conventional makeup products offer for their empowerment and self-expression and expect diversity and innovation on the formats, design and textures. Chromatic Rules makeup collection reflects the evolution and brings inspiration to those formulators who despite the sustainably driven focus don’t want to compromise the efficacy and sensorial of makeup.

Pushing sustainable makeup to the limit with performance tests and captivating textures


Grip foundations and mascaras with primers containing Kelco-Care™ Diutan Gum

Matt-finish Watery Primer / Soft & Lift Mascara Primer 

Avoid pigment migration and thicken oil system for surprising textures with Oilkemia™ Alpha POF polymer

Color-Blazing Lip Jelly / Silky & Creamy Eyeshadow

Stabilize light-weight fresh tinted formulas with PemuPur™ START polymer.

Glow-all-around Tinted Serum

Disperse pigments with high natural origin content solutions like Matrifuse™ NP dispersant.

Color-Blazing Lip Jelly / Silky & Creamy Eyeshadow

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