Silky & Creamy Eyeshadow Stick

Color Cosmetics


Don’t be afraid to smile all the way up to your eyes with this enchanting eyeshadow. Formulated in a stick for an on-the-go easy-to-use application, applies to the skin like a dream, leaving it silky, thanks to its creamy texture. Schercemol™ 1818 ester provides non-greasy and soft emolliency with good pigment dispersion. Glucate™ DO emulsifier delivers mild, smooth and satiny after-feel, reducing sweating in anhydrous systems. Matrifuse™ NP dispersant effectively separates the agglomeration of pigment particles, while allowing higher pigment loading. Oilkemia™ Alpha POF polymer efficiently thickens the oil system, offering body and richness with enhanced spreadability with a soft afterfeel, while avoiding the migration of the product to fine lines. Argireline® YOUth peptide – an oil-soluble version of the well-known Argireline® peptide – has been developed to be included in oil-based formulations to help prevent the appearance of crow’s feet and minimize wrinkle appearance, even when smiling.

Formulation Features

Appearance: Pearlescent

Form: Stick