Maxime Fougere


Global Marketing Manager, Lubrizol LIfe Science (LLS) - Beauty

With a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, Maxime brings a scientific approach to leading LLS’s skin care global marketing strategy. He partners with LLS regional teams to identify new market opportunities and collaborates with technical and R&D teams to launch innovative and sustainable solutions. He is fascinated by the capacity of cosmetic products to enhance well-being and lift emotions and thrilled by the constant evolution of consumer needs.

Fun fact: Maxime became interested in chemistry while exploring the science behind making the perfect chocolate cake.

Posted by Maxime Fougere | 08/17/2021

Sure, oil and water don’t naturally mix. That’s why, when it comes to skin and sun care products, a natural solution that ensures stability is such exceptional news for formulators. What’s more, a “natural” solution is great news for skin and sun care consumers who are demanding natural contents that still deliver a refreshing sensory experience.

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Posted by Maxime Fougere | 05/03/2021

Summer is about to kick off for the Northern Hemisphere, and with it comes increased consumer awareness of the need for sun protection.

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