How Matrifuse™ dispersants Will Help You Meet the Makeup and Sun Care Demands This Year and Beyond

Posted by Paola Pérez on 06/10/2024

As we are all well aware, from season to season and year to year, fashion trends evolve and change. The makeup category, of course, is no exception. Because of the rapidly changing dynamics in the market, at Lubrizol we are constantly monitoring consumer behaviors and social media conversations to anticipate new trends and preferences. Here’s a snapshot of what’s coming:

  • Color is Key. Consumers see makeup as an empowering confidence booster. Today, they are looking for fresh, new colors as a way to express their individuality and style  
  • More Tones, Please. The growing popularity of personalized beauty products along with an increasing number of diversity and inclusion movements is creating greater demand for products that offer a wider variety of tones
  • Sun Protection is a Priority. Now more than ever, consumers understand the impact of sun damage on their skin and are making sun protection a key part of their daily  beauty routines. In fact, Global Google searches for ‘SPF makeup’ were up 46% in the last quarter1
  • Keep it Light. Lightweight fluid formulas are growing for both makeup and sun care products. Engagement for “lightweight” in makeup conversations grew +118% YoY and +22.5% for sun care2
  • “Coverage” is All the Talk. Engagement for “coverage” in makeup conversations grew +29.9% YoY and +17.6% for sun care3. We are also seeing high-coverage makeup looks like #PorcelainMakeup going viral on TikTok

Lubrizol’s Matrifuse™ dispersants fuel innovation in the makeup and sun care space

Using the valuable market research we mined, we set out to develop products to help manufacturers meet the ever-changing consumer demands. In the makeup and sun care space, we are delivering with Matrifuse™ dispersants – a high-performance oil soluble pigment dispersant that can help set you apart in the competitive marketplace.

Matrifuse™ dispersants allow for higher pigment loading applications with uniform spreading, intense color and light sensory – all the characteristics today’s consumers are asking for.

The range is compromised with two options:

  • Matrifuse™ S-1 dispersant. Easy-to-handle and cold processable oil soluble dispersant. Its liquid form is ideal to help optimize your manufacturing process
  • Matrifuse™ NP dispersant. 100% natural origin, vegan and readily biodegradable, boosting the sustainability of the formulas

Matrifuse™ dispersants offer a wide range of benefits for makeup and sun care manufacturers that include:

  • Efficient pigment dispersant. High loading pigment and uniform dispersion
  • Excellent coverage. Reduce particle size and dispersion viscosity
  • Broad Compatibility. Compatible with broad range of oils with broad polarity, silicones and organic UV filters pigments
  • Optimum sensory. Smoother and even spreading during application
  • Stable fluidity. Fluid textures with good stability and consistent color intensity in formula

Matrifuse™ dispersants allow to develop a wide range of high-performance makeup and sun care products that today’s consumers not only want, but demand.


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2 Radarly – May 2023 to April 2024 vs May 2022 to April 2023
3 Radarly – May 2023 to April 2024 vs May 2022 to April 2023

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