Pushing Sustainable Makeup Boundaries

Posted by Paola Pérez on 05/08/2024

Beauty consumers are no longer satisfied with traditional sustainable makeup products. They are seeking more than just ethical sourcing and natural ingredients, expecting makeup that not only aligns with their values but also offers a wide range of colors, formats and textures to express themselves. Responding to this demand, the Lubrizol Life Science Beauty team has developed a collection of formulations that combine sustainability with performance and versatility.

Meeting the Demands of Conscious Consumers: Lubrizol's Chromatic Rules – Makeup for NON-conformists concept offers formulations that feature a combination of readily biodegradable and high natural origin content ingredients that offer the desired performance and texture versatility.

Key ingredients with newly tested benefits for makeup applications:

  1. Kelco-Care™ diutan gum: This ingredient is the secret behind the Matt-finish Watery Primer and Soft and Lift Mascara Primer formulations. It enhances adhesion and smooth application while being sustainably sourced.
  2. PemuPur™ START polymer: This polymeric emulsifier enables tinted light weight fluid formulas such as The Glow-all-around Tinted Serum, perfect for the first step of the makeup routine.
  3. Oilkemia™ Alpha polymer: This ingredient helps thicken oil systems, creating surprising textures for eye and lip products. The Color-blazing Lip Jelly and Silky and Creamy Eyeshadow Stick formulas benefit from its versatility.
  4. Matrifuse™ NP dispersant: Natural origin content pigment and Palm-free pigment dispersant that enables the creation of bold tones for lips, eyes, and face makeup formulations. It ensures vibrant colors without compromising sustainability.

These formulations push the boundaries by using sustainable ingredients with strong claims and new textures that allow individuals to express themselves creatively.

As consumer preferences continue to evolve, the demand for sustainable makeup that offers versatility and performance is on the rise. Check Chromatic Rules concept page for more information.

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