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Posted by Bianca McCarthy, Ph.D. on 05/23/2024

Sensitive skin is of growing concern to beauty consumers. Searches on the internet for ‘sensitive skin’ increased by around ten per cent in the US and UK and by over 15 per cent in South Korea in 2023. This makes products that can nourish and soothe sensitive skin increasingly sought after.

External stress, aging and an unhealthy diet high in fat and sugar all lead to skin inflammation, a hallmark of sensitive skin. External stressors and metabolic stress trigger the release of stressorins by skin cells. These in turn stimulate the secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines and amplify the inflammatory response. Metabolic stress in conjunction with aging also lead to the accumulation of Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs) and the buildup of cellular waste, known as garb-aging. And that’s where ZenerityTM biotech ingredient, Lubrizol’s latest active ingredient, comes in.

Derived from thermal waters

Thermal waters have been historically used to relieve sensitive skin, helping to soothe and prevent inflammation. The bioactive effects of thermal waters are mainly linked to their mineral composition and to their microbiota (hydrobiome).

Zenerity™ biotech ingredients is a hydrobiome-derived ingredient from a microorganism isolated from thermal springs in Italy. Enriched with nourishing minerals, this biotech ingredient helps rejuvenate and alleviate sensitive skin, including when exacerbated by an unhealthy diet, achieving a soothed, youthful and healthy skin appearance.

Youthful-looking sensitive skin

In vitro tests showed Zenerity™ biotech ingredient counteracted skin inflammation and the garb-aging process, while showing an anti-glycation effect, even under metabolic stress conditions.

Tests on volunteers showed the ingredient soothed sensitive skin, leaving it looking more luminous, healthier and younger. Immediate redness reduction was seen just 30 minutes after applying the product, and the number of dark spots was also reduced at the end of the treatment. These positive effects were observed even when the volunteers were following an unhealthy diet. Through a mood calendar, volunteers showed that their improved skin made them feel happier and more calmed when using Zenerity™ biotech ingredient.

Many uses from sensitive skin to anti-aging

Zenerity™ biotech ingredient can be added to topical skin care solutions aiming to minimize skin sensitivity while achieving a youthful appearance as well as skin care formulations helping to counteract the negative effects of an unhealthy diet on the skin. It can also form part of multifunctional rejuvenating skin care solutions for the most sensitive skin types.

Bianca McCarthy, Ph.D.

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