With the invention of the automobile came the freedom to explore far more of the world around us. Suddenly, it was possible to go places and see things that otherwise may have been impossible. Lubrizol was founded to enable this new world of personal mobility, and we continue to lead the market by advancing the lubrication and fuel additive technology that gives OEMs the freedom to explore and innovate. Contact a Lubrizol representative.


Engine Oils

Lubrizol additive technology plays an essential role in creating lubricants that stand up to the demands of today’s engines while enabling oil marketers to stand out in a competitive marketplace.

Gear Oils

Gear oils formulated with Lubrizol additives withstand the most the extreme operating conditions throughout the entire driveline, delivering unsurpassed protection and performance.

Transmission Fluids

With today’s increasing variety and complexity of transmissions, marketers rely on Lubrizol technology more than ever to provide the unique solutions needed to ensure the performance and protection consumers expect.

Fuel Additives

Lubrizol fuel additive technology delivers data-backed protection and performance for both diesel fuel and gasoline products, providing essential value to consumers and important differentiation to marketers.

Viscosity Modifiers

As a market leader in performance polymers, Lubrizol offers customers an unsurpassed range of capabilities in developing driveline and engine oil solutions that deliver the precise requirements your business demands.


From chassis to wheel bearings, Lubrizol meets the unique lubrication needs of automobiles with advanced grease technology specifically formulated to offer superior protection against wear and corrosion and increase component life.

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