Forward-looking companies recognize that—in the next few decades—transportation will look very different than it does today. We’ll see rapid increases in e-mobility solutions such as hybrid and electric cars. These new vehicles pose unique lubricating and cooling challenges: e-axle fluids, e-greases for the electric motor and battery thermal management fluids.

That’s why Lubrizol is introducing EVOGEN™ electric vehicle fluids and additive solutions—designed to deliver better protection, better efficiency and overall better performance for electrified vehicles.

The world is moving differently. And Lubrizol can help you be ready for the next generation of mobility and beyond.

Battery Immersion Cooling

Webinars: Lubrizol’s e-Mobility experts spoke at the Charged EV April Virtual Conference. Make sure to check out our two talks:

Battery Thermal Management Fluids: More Than Just a Base Oil

All-In-One e-Fluid Technology to Cool Inverter, e-Motor and Provide EV Gear Lubrication

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From our deep knowledge of surface science, formulating expertise and real-world testing to demonstrate proof of performance, Lubrizol has engineered a range of lubricant and fluid solutions tailored to meet the exact needs of modern electric vehicles.

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By 2040 to 2050, roughly two-thirds of new, light-duty vehicle sales globally will be electric vehicles (EVs). And yet, even by the middle of the next decade, a significant number of new light-duty vehicles produced will still contain an internal combustion engine (ICE). During changing times, it’s critical to stay current with the latest forecasts. 

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