Specialized e-Mobility Solutions for Electric Driving Motors

Electrified vehicles still demand lubricating greases for wheel bearings, CV joints and steering systems, upgraded from where they are today. But electric driving motors (EDMs) require something new — greases or liquid lubricants that can withstand their unique operating environment.

Electric motors operate at very high speed, generating a significant amount of heat. Add to that the need to have a lubricant with the right electrical properties, and the result is the market need for a dedicated, high-performing lubricant. 

The good news—Lubrizol has extensively studied the strict requirements of high speed, high thermal stability, antiwear and surface protection performance to handle the higher torques of EDMs as well as the right electrical properties. We understand how to optimize and balance all these key properties so that you can deliver long-lasting grease performance for your customers.

Uncompromising performance. Data-driven results. Peace of mind. Contact us today and learn how you can target the growing market of electric vehicles.