Given how critical heavy-duty trucks are in keeping commerce moving around the world, maximizing the protection and performance of these workhorses is essential. With our broad portfolio of products, global resources and deep understanding of various market demands and regulations, Lubrizol has become one of the most trusted partners in transportation. For unsurpassed reliability and efficiency, the industry turns to Lubrizol. Contact a Lubrizol representative.


Engine Oils

With emerging and established markets, an immense diversity of technology and demands exist. Meet them with just the right oil for any given truck, in any given market, with Lubrizol additive technology.

Gear Oils

Used in applications throughout the driveline, Lubrizol additives engineered for on-highway truck gear oil applications are proven to withstand the most demanding conditions and extended drain intervals of up to 500,000 miles.

Transmission Fluids

Lubrizol transmission lubricant additives deliver unsurpassed protection as well as improved driver comfort, shift feel and durability with frictional properties perfectly matched for the latest hardware designs and complex materials.

Fuel Additives

When your business is transportation, our additive technology adds to your bottom line. Lubrizol diesel fuel additives deliver breakthrough solutions for improved fuel economy, lower emissions, power restoration and compatibility with biodiesel blends.


Lubrizol grease technology excels at meeting the extreme load and wear demands of on-highway truck applications. Better protection and more miles of component life are part of every formulation.

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