ADEX Emulsifiers

At Lubrizol, we work closely with our customers to develop products that create value and offer market differentiation by meeting specific performance attributes. This includes increased explosive output (velocity of detonation) efficiency, long-lasting emulsion stability and reduced environmental impact (NOX). With a long history of success in the design and development of carefully optimized emulsifier systems, we can provide a properly balanced additive formulation to maximize blast performance without compromising stability.



For over 30 years, Lubrizol’s PIBSA (polyisobutylene succinic anhydride) based emulsifiers for explosives have exhibited proven industry performance. Lubrizol’s emulsifiers are tailored to meet customer needs in either open pit or underground mining applications. When recommending the right emulsifier, we evaluate our customer’s process equipment and final product requirements, as well as ensure compatibility with raw materials.


This patented cross-linking technology provides solutions to severe loading conditions. Our cross-linkers can make emulsions stiff or rubbery. The explosive will then harden and "lock" itself into a bore hole, fractured hole, or up hole.

Oils & ANFO-Sorb

As an industry leader, Lubrizol can make emulsions from most oils—general or specialized. We offer customers a range of customized product solutions that are dependent on their formulation or shipping needs. In addition to oils, we also offer a two-component additive system designed to improve the retention of diesel or oil in ANFO (ammonium nitrate fuel oil). Through this unique system, explosive producers can improve their current ANFO product or utilize a lower cost ammonium nitrate prill, all while still maintaining performance and extending product longevity.

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