The power-packed, hardworking vehicles used in agricultural, mining and construction couldn’t do their jobs day in and day out without specially engineered fluids to protect and optimize their performance. Working closely with OEMs in the ongoing development of new hardware and technology, Lubrizol has built a reputation across multiple sectors for our ability to keep industry up and running. Contact a Lubrizol representative.


Engine Oils

Lubrizol additive technology is fundamental in creating solutions to withstand the extreme temperature and pressure of the most powerful engines in use today, often with capabilities that go beyond mere engine protection.

Tractor Hydraulic Fluids

Lubrizol's advanced lubrication solutions are specially formulated for tractor hydraulic fluids to provide increased protection under extreme loads and increased productivity for operators.

Transmission Fluids

Providing an unrivaled volume of comprehensive capabilities, Lubrizol transmission fluid solutions optimize the operation and maximize the protection of some of the most sophisticated drivelines on the job today.

Fuel Additives

With the widespread use of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and demanding High-Pressure Common Rail engine designs, our advanced fuel additives technology is more essential than ever for maintaining performance and minimizing downtime.


Lubrizol’s advanced grease technology keeps heavy-duty equipment on the job, eliminating wear from heat and friction in joints, linkages, and moving parts to ensure smooth operation, optimal performance and greater reliability.

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