The change to ILSAC GF-7 passenger car engine oils is rapidly approaching—faster than prior specification upgrades in the market. New GF-7 oils will bring fuel economy improvements and other key benefits such as deposit control. 

With every specification change, the challenge is added complexity. 

The good news—Lubrizol is there to help you with the change.

The Lubrizol Difference

The change to GF-7 doesn’t need to be more complex. Our new Lubrizol® PV1710 additive solution for GF-7 passenger car engine oils offers a simple, purpose-built technology while also providing the capability to meet the GM dexos™ 1 Gen 3 specification as well. Lubrizol PV1710 offers broad coverage for a wide range of base oils and viscosity grades. 

The change to GF-7 demands more than a product. That’s why Lubrizol offers a comprehensive Specification Readiness Program. This program provides access to technical expertise, testing capacity, portfolio management, and marketing support, enabling oil marketers to meet requirements with ease and confidence.   

So, GF-7 is coming. Are you ready? You will be, with Lubrizol as your trusted partner for the change.


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