Synthetic Leather Solutions

Sustainable and Durable Synthetic Leather Car Seats are Made with ESTANE® TPU 

Driving experience has come a long way over the years and the demand is high when it comes to sustainable solutions that contribute towards a healthy environment. It is no longer sufficient to have stylish, luxurious interiors which look beautiful, these also need to be long lasting and comfortable. Lubrizol is committed to the advancement of today’s vehicle interiors and has developed over the years different materials for the most demanding applications inside the car, like synthetic leather seats.

Lubrizol Engineered Polymers has designed ESTANE® thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) resins to solve today’s toughest seating challenges to ensure cleaner air quality in vehicle interiors. By applying TPU in synthetic leather, without any use of solvents, there is a lower volatile organic content in the car and the leather can be recycled*.

For PVC synthetic leather manufacturers, it shows the benefit of improving the mechanical performance of PVC synthetic leather. ESTANE TPU gives vegan leather better enhanced abrasion resistance and crack performance.

Other benefits of the ESTANE solution for synthetic leather include:

  • Very good abrasion and tear resistance 
  • Soft touch, good haptics
  • Design flexibility (ease in cut and sew, stretchability)
  • Good extrudability or calendaring processability

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*Bio-based content as certified in accordance with ASTMD D-6866

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