Film and Sheet Solutions

Film and Sheet Solutions

Our thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) are designed to perform in a number of demanding applications as extruded film and sheet. They are available as aliphatic or aromatic in polyester, polyether, and polycaprolactone grades for use in conveyor belts, sports equipment, roofing membranes, fuel/chemical containment, glass lamination, textiles, protective clothing and aerospace.

Benefits of Polyester-based and Polyether-based TPU for Film and Sheet

  • Polyester-based TPU exhibits excellent oil, fuel, and solvent resistance, high-temperature performance, and good weatherability (UV and hydrolytic stability).
  • Polyether-based TPU exhibits excellent low-temperature properties, hydrolysis, and fungus resistance.

StayConnected Series: Carbon Fiber Laminated with TPU Film

As an alternative to the intensive and expensive process of coating carbon fiber, Lubrizol has developed a film technology that allows for coating the carbon fiber part directly out of the mold. View our presentation to learn more about this exciting film technology.

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Processing Webinar

ESTANE® TPU can be easily extruded into film and sheet. View On-Demand Webinar and learn how: