ESTANE TPU Solutions for PPF

ESTANE® TPU Solutions for Paint Protection Film

The Secret Inside the Leading PPF Products

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is an essential ingredient in paint protection film (PPF), capable of producing PPF that can provide premium protection, without yellowing or degrading, for more than a decade. 

We invented TPU more than 60 years ago and continue to produce the industry’s premier polymers through our flagship brand, ESTANE® TPU. The exceptional quality and consistency of ESTANE® TPU ensures efficient processing and produces crystal-clear, long-lasting PPF that helps keep vehicles looking showroom-new.

Working Together to Unlock the Potential of PPF

Our materials and applications scientists partner with film processors and PPF manufacturers to develop tailored solutions that expand the possibilities of PPF and enhance protection against everything from severe chips and scratches to extreme weather conditions. ESTANE® TPU enhances the look, feel and function of paint protection film.

Together, we can expand the possibilities of PPF, overcome challenges and bring high-quality, proven products to market quickly.

Expand Existing Markets. Build Your Brand. Develop New Applications.

As PPF manufacturers seek to become more integrated and drive innovation, discover the value “beneath the surface” of working with a TPU supplier who established the benchmark of performance for paint protection films in our in-depth eBook.

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Watch Innovation Beneath the Surface – ESTANE® TPU for PPF

As the manufacturer of ESTANE® TPU, Lubrizol is the experienced, engaged solutions partner who helps film processors, coaters and PPF brand owners drive innovation in this dynamic and growing market.

ESTANE® TPU sets the global standard for:

Premium Aesthetics.

ESTANE® TPU-based paint protection films are best positioned to maintain showroom-level vehicle appearance with non-yellowing clarity, self-healing properties and stain resistance.

Industry-Leading Toughness.

ESTANE® TPU keeps vehicle surfaces attractive through exceptional durability and enduring impact strength and elasticity while protecting against environmental exposures.


With its low-temperature flexibility, ESTANE® TPU conforms easily to complex shapes and surfaces, and it’s easy to remove without breaking or tearing.
2 Powerful Layers. Invisible Protection

Maintaining the Beauty of a Vehicle's Finish

On the surface, a hard grade of ESTANE® TPU provides stain resistance and self-healing properties. While beneath the surface, the soft grade beneath absorbs impact from stones and road debris.

Made with Estane TPU

The "Made with ESTANE® TPU" Assurance

To assure you receive consistent, reliable performance and ultimately peace of mind, we have created an ecosystem with our strategic customers around the globe to help you easily recognize PPF products with 100% genuine ESTANE® TPU contained. Watch for the “Made With ESTANE TPU” logo and buy with confidence. Learn more.

ESTANE TPU for Brand Owners L

Brand Owners & Coaters

Meet the performance benchmarks car owners view as most important

Find out why ESTANE® TPU is the polymer of choice for protecting the beauty and functionality of surfaces. 

TPU Solutions for Brand Owners & Coaters

ESTANE TPU for Film Processors

Film Processors

Collaborate with a reliable partner to give your films a competitive edge

Learn how we provide the expertise, global network and local support that give you an advantage in the marketplace.

TPU Solutions for Film Processors


3 Things to Consider When Specifying TPU in PPF

3 Things to Consider when Specifying TPU

In PPF the enabling ingredient is TPU, which is credited with maintaining a showroom-level vehicle appearance. Are you involved in specifying this essential ingredient? Maximize the value from your TPU by considering these 3 things.

The Key to Meeting the PPF Challenge

The Key to Meeting the PPF Challenge

Explore the role ESTANE® TPU plays in delivering long-term performance and maintaining your brand's competitive edge.